Welcome to iSTE-CE'2019 (June, 13-15th)


Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the official website of the International Conference on Innovation, Sustainability, Technology and Education in Civil Engineering (iSTE-CE'2019).

Construction is one of the oldest industries. However, new concepts, new technologies, new materials and new approaches promise to change the landscape of this industry. Things are surely changing although the construction sector' change seems not as fast as in other sectors. The construction industry is creating many job opportunities and added value. Thus, it is called the locomotive sector by many.

Innovative methods and technological advancements should be researched as a solution to the problems faced by the industry. Leaving a better livelihood for future generations should be our most important goal. Close cooperation among scientists and stakeholders is necessary. We hope that this conference will bring the scientists including other disciplines and experts from the field together to increase our knowledge and encourage our cooperation toward a better world.
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(The New Full Paper Submission Deadline - 22 May 2019)

Hoping to meet you in Iskenderun.

On behalf of the conference organization committee.
Prof. Dr. Umur Korkut SEVİM

New Edition of the Conference Proceedings Book is Now Available! (28/08/2019)
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All papers relevant to civil engineering areas (structures, soil mechanics, hydraulics, materials, construction management, mechanics, transportation) are welcome.

The papers written in the following areas are especially welcome.

Innovation; 3-D printing, Information technology, Composite materials and structures, Fibre reinforced cementitious composites, Automation and robotics in construction, Nanotechnology in construction, Structural health monitoring.

Sustainability; Sustainability and health, Post-occupancy evaluation, Designing for disasters, Facility management, Zero-energy buildings, Life-cycle coordination, Liability and risk, Infrastructures and lifeline systems, Water and wastewater treatment, Bio-civil engineering, waste processing and management, Construction materials, Workforce performance.

Technology; Building information modelling (BIM), Construction productivity improvement, Cost, time and quality management, Health and safety in construction information, International and global issues in construction, Project management, Artificial intelligence in design.
Education; New approaches to construction education and training, Student-centred teaching methods, Online learning, Flip learning, Active learning, PBL (Project Based Learning), Quality control and accreditation agencies.

Abstract and full papers must be sent via e-mail in English or Turkishiste-ce2019@iste.edu.tr